In December in Ukraine can be observed Starfall Gemini

Astronomers say the meteor shower — a spectacular sight.

В грудні в Україні можна буде спостерігати зорепад Гемініди

The so-called big December meteor shower began on December 4 and will last more than two weeks, reports Rus.Media.

Climax it reaches in the middle of the first month of winter, when the hours will fall to 200 meteors.

Astronomers say the meteor shower — a spectacular sight. Because Gamundi move with relatively low speed and they will be clearly visible in the night sky. Therefore, if you believe the signs, we will have the opportunity to think of a secret desire, when will fall the star.

Is one of the two most powerful meteor showers of the year, — says Valery Katarkevich, researcher at astronomical Observatory of the national University named after Ivan Franko.

Another we are seeing in August is the Perseids.

— Where does the name Starfall?

— The name of the Starfall Gemini received from the constellation of Twins (Gemini). When seen from Earth, it seems that the bright meteors flying from there, although actually it is only an appearance. Perseid meteors fly in the atmosphere of our planet with a speed of 70 kilometers per second, and Gemini — 30 — 40 kilometers. Therefore, they can be observed in the sky for much longer. Meteor shower visible across the globe with the naked eye.

Best of all meteorites seen outside of large cities, where there is little lighting. The main thing that was good weather — a cloudless sky.

— These meteorites reach the Earth’s surface?

— These pebbles size from a few millimeters to a few centimeters mostly burn before they reach our planet.

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