In China found a cemetery of the bronze age

В Китае обнаружили кладбище бронзового века

Scientists studied about 550 graves.

Archaeologists have found in Yunnan province in southern China cemetery with graves that date back to the early bronze age. The area of the ancient graveyard is six thousand square meters, writes the with reference to Inforeactor.

The cemetery is located under the hydroelectric power in the basin of Jinsha river. In this area hot and dry climate, thanks to the ancient remains and artifacts well preserved.

At the burial site, they discovered more than 300 ancient objects, including coins and ceramics.

Experts believe that the graves date back to the early bronze age and could belong to one tribe or ethnic group.

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The chronological framework of the bronze age from different cultures range from XXXV-XXXIII centuries BC to the XIII-XI centuries BC. This historical and cultural period of bronze became the main material for the production of weapons and tools.

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