In China a woman lost her memory for 10 years after going to the toilet

В Китае женщина потеряла память за 10 лет после похода в туалете

In China a woman for some time lost the memory of the 10 years of his life after the overload in the toilet.

Concerned relatives immediately took her to the hospital, but the doctors found that her brain is functioning stably, reports the with reference to the UNN.

Temporary memory loss lasted for 8 hours, and the Chinese woman didn’t remember about the “lost” time.

Doctor of neurology Peng Jahon explained that in medicine this phenomenon is called transient global amnesia, in which impaired blood flow to the brain.

It could be caused by heavy loads during a trip to the toilet. The Chinese suffered from constipation.

According to the physician, such cases are rare. From this type of amnesia tend to suffer people who lift weights or are experiencing strong emotions.

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However, this does not make the disease safe. In patients with transient global amnesia increase the chances of developing a stroke.

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