In China, a truck crashed into a funeral procession: 17 dead

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 Truck crashes into funeral procession in China: 17 dead

According to the Nanchang County Public Security Bureau, on the night of January 8 at approximately 00:49 a.m., a major accident occurred at a site in Taoling Village in Nanchang County.

“ The accident resulted in 17 dead and 22 injured. The injured were sent to the hospital in time for medical care”, – reported to the Bureau.
The causes of the accident are still being determined.

According to local residents, the victims of the accident – people from Taoling village who were by the road. They were supposed to go to the crematorium on Sunday morning, January 8.

About an hour after the accident, the local traffic police warned drivers about the danger on the roads in the area due to foggy weather. Due to poor visibility, drivers were urged to drive carefully and keep their distance from cars, not to overtake and be attentive to pedestrians.

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