In Britain there are new crop circles

В Британии появились новые круги на полях

The origins of patterns remains unknown.

At the end of last week, we wrote about the fact that the UK came first in this year round on the field, and already two new picture on the cereal crops have emerged since then in Albion, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

One of novoobrazovany circles was formed on may 25 near the English town of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, the second – on may 26 near the village of Chilton-Candover, Hampshire. These findings immediately attracted the attention of ufologists and other specialists in the mysteries of our world.

The first image consists of two separate parts, resembling something like a necklace and a huge pacifier. The second picture is a “sectility flower” inscribed in a circle. As you might guess, is popular hypothesis that these paintings were painted on English field by an extraterrestrial civilization. They say that the aliens “have opened the next season,” tossing the man a fresh “old puzzles.”

However, in this case, not all believed in that before us the handiwork of aliens. According to skeptics, these drawings look suspiciously primitive and not symmetrical compared to other “masterpieces green men” that were previously discovered. Doubters also point to the fact that both figure in contact with the road in the fields. Allegedly, this was done probably to ensure that a hoaxer could have gone without leaving traces.

As for the history of such field of arts, in England alone were the ones who allegedly created (out of mischief or diskriditatsii aliens), and those who quite convincingly argued that this is not a matter of human hands, and even those who tried to convince us that crop circles you can “draw” one with my mind. In General, however, these drawings are found in the morning, none of the night the makers of them were not caught by the hand, and how that art is created in the dark without disturbing the local residents, nobody knows. After all, even the same UFO nobody notices at this time, therefore, to blame the creation of the circles on the aliens too, as it is not really work…

An eyewitness filmed the unidentified flying object in the night sky

What do you think, is it possible to mystify these messages in the fields, and at night, even using modern technology? Or the hoaxers just “wriggle” to fame unknown “artists”?

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