In Britain, the cat of the week that save

В Британии кошка неделю не давала себя спасти

Tired of waiting, the cat saved itself.

The city authorities organized the whole operation to pull supposedly stuck at the height of the cat, reports the with reference to Around the world.

Last Friday, a five-year-old cat named Hetty climbed on one of the sections of railway bridge in Cornwall, which connects the cities of Plymouth and Soltech. The hostess, who had tried unsuccessfully to lure Hetty, called rescuers.

Firefighters tried to get to the animal, however, they failed: even the biggest ladder is not allowed to reach the animal.

В Британии кошка неделю не давала себя спасти

It was agreed that the railway company Network Rail to stop the movement of trains that would allow for more large-scale rescue operation. So the fire in time to stop any action and left the bridge.

After a few hours, Hetty came down from the bridge itself and came home. She sat on the bridge for six days. Exactly how the animal went down, nobody knows.

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