In Britain found a unique 2300-summer shield

The shield is the only one of its kind in Europe.

In Britain archaeologists have discovered near the city of Leicester a unique iron age shield made of tree bark.

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Their study provided a new perspective on the design of prehistoric weapons.

It is established that the shield is the only one of its kind in Europe. Previously, scientists found manufactured from the bark of bowls and baskets. However, the shield of bark discovered for the first time.

It has been carefully designed. The shield was equipped with wooden laths for added strength and a wooden rim, the handle was tightly wrapped in cloth.

The outer side was painted red and decorated with a pattern reminiscent of a field for playing chess. Radiocarbon Dating showed that the shield was produced between 255 and 395 BC.

It is clearly used in the case. Before flowing to the ground shield was severely damaged. On the outside traces of blows with spears. However, is not yet established whether he was damaged in battle or during some ritual.

“This is truly an amazing artifact, says Michael Bamforth from the Department of archaeology at York University. — We know that the bark was widely used, although archaeologists rarely find articles. But we never imagined that the bark may be strong enough to use it for protection against spears and swords. So I wondered: perhaps the shield was made for ceremonial use?”.

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The experiments showed that the shield of bark could be tough enough to protect from bumps with a metal weapon. He was not as strong as a shield made of wood or metal, but was much lighter, allowing its owner to move more freely.

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