In Britain, constantly sneezing cat looking for new home

В Британии постоянно чихающему коту ищут новый дом

The previous owner abandoned it.

The employees of the shelter for cats in East Sussex (UK) for a long time unsuccessfully trying to find a new home for her nine-year-old ward named Elliot. The animal suffers from a rare disease, which sneezes constantly. The previous owner of the pet refused from it, reports the with reference for Today.

According to the Deputy head of the shelter, Tanya Marsh, Elliott is very affectionate and “charming guy” and he can cope with the illness, for this it is desirable to leave the shelter walls, because here he does not take the necessary medicines.

At the same time, potential owners come to choose a new pet, often pay attention to Elliot. But after learning about his “features”, quickly retire, fearing a possible spending on drugs. And for a cat it becomes a vicious circle.

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