In Britain, a mummy's head was found in the attic: experts are puzzled

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 Mummy's head found in attic in Britain: experts puzzled

A mummified head was found in the attic of a house in Ramsgate (Kent, UK). This unusual find puzzled the experts.

About this "souvenir" very little is known. It is believed that the head was imported from Egypt in the 19th century. The man who found the head donated it to museums in Canterbury, reports The Mirror.

Initial X-rays taken at Canterbury Christ Church University suggested that the head belonged to a woman. But in order to find out more about the mummy, it was decided to perform a CT scan.

The university said preliminary results show that the brain was removed, the teeth were worn out due to a strict diet, but the tongue well preserved. A tube of unknown material was found in the left nostril and in the spinal canal.

“In Victorian times, such items were brought from Egypt as souvenirs and could well be passed down from generation to generation to whoever owned them . We plan to use the scan data to create a 3D replica of the head and possibly reconstruct the face to allow for a more intensive study of the artifact without disclosure,” said expert James Elliott.

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