In Bolivia, a young mother was hated for the outfit in which she took her son to school

 In Bolivia, a young mother was hated for wearing her son to school< /p>

In the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a young mother has come under fire for dressing her child in to school.

This is reported by The Daily Star.

Vanessita "Vanesa" Medina, who works as a lawyer and fitness model, was caught on camera by another mom driving her son to school. A parent has declared that a woman's outfit is inappropriate in front of young children.

Medina wore a tight and revealing jumpsuit that showed off her figure. Miss Fitness” in Bolivia have gone viral on social media. Many parents agreed that she should dress more modestly.

In response, Vanesa turned to her Facebook followers. She expressed gratitude to those who supported her.

“They tried to denigrate me and showed my four-year-old son, not knowing that this was a crime. Her plans didn't go as well as she hoped,” she said.

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