In Berdyansk has its own “Grand canyon”. Video

В Бердянске появился свой "большой каньон". Видео

The locals took the accident with irony.

In Berdyansk the accident on the pipeline formed a huge gully, which the locals called “the Grand canyon,” according to the with reference to Accent.

The rift is between Berdyansk areas of AKZ and Liski. Appeared as a consequence of the collapsed reinforced concrete pipe, which brings raw sewage into the sea.

Sewage from the damaged pipe washed the soil and made impassable stretch of road along the coast.

Robot deliveryman taught to climb stairs. Video

“The Grand canyon” is located on the territory of private enterprise, and not on the balance of the city, so you can fill it problematic. The damage from the collapse of the tube and destruction of the road has not yet been calculated.

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In Berdyansk nature gave hard back man. Between AKZ and Laskami, formed a huge fault. The reason, a leaking sewage pipe that was leaking the stuff into the sea. Video: Berdyansk 24. #Berdyansk #Berdyansk

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