In Belgium, hippos become infected with COVID

COVID infected hippos in Belgium

Two hippos confirmed coronavirus in Antwerp Zoo. One of the cases is 14 years old. His name is Imani. The second, nicknamed Hermien, is 41 years old. Of the symptoms, both have only a runny nose.

COVID-19 was confirmed by a veterinary laboratory at the Belgian National Institute of Health. The animals were placed in isolation. The keepers carefully monitor their well-being.

The zoo administration does not understand how the pets became infected with the coronavirus. All employees caring for the animals are healthy. This is confirmed by tests that employees take. The zoo is taking careful anti-epidemiological measures. All animals are periodically checked for infection. But this is the first time that mammals have tested positive, writes theguardian.

Now the public will not be able to see the hippos until they recover. Animals must be negative for coronavirus. Only then will access to their aviary be opened.

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