In Bangladesh burned to death a teenage girl

В Бангладеш сожгли заживо девушку-подростка

The murder he has admitted 12 people.

In Bangladesh, 16 suspect in the brutal murder of 19-year-old Nusrat Jahan Rafi could face the death penalty. Among them are two local policy, but they denied any involvement in the tragedy. 12 criminals already confessed to the crime, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

What preceded the tragedy? Nusrat complained to law enforcement of sexual harassment from the Director. The man was taken into custody, but his defense became a local.

If harassed only the Director why the suspects already 16? A few days later when she refused to remove her accusations, he ordered her murder. 6 APR Nusrat went to school to take exams. One of the students lured her to the roof where Nusrat was waiting for a group of men with covered faces. They doused her with kerosene and set on fire. All of this was to look like a suicide.

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What happened next? The girl was hospitalized with 80% body burns. She managed to give a statement to the police. 10 APR Nusrat died. Her death shook society – the protests began. People demand to punish the guilty. Among the suspects are all students of the school in which he studied Nusrat, and two of a local politician from the ruling party “Awami League”.

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