In Bali, a Russian crypto blogger was beaten and robbed of $284,000.

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 In Bali, a Russian crypto blogger was beaten and robbed of $284,000

Russian crypto blogger Yuri Boytsov was beaten and robbed of $284,000 while on holiday in Bali. On February 26, he spoke about this on the social network Instagram, Russian media write.

According to Boitsov, four unknown people broke into the villa where he lived with his girlfriend Ekaterina. Three of them were Russian speakers, one Indonesian in a police uniform. According to the blogger, the attackers forcibly withdrew money from his accounts and took away his passports.

The blogger posted a video from a surveillance camera on social networks. The Russians also wrote a statement to the police and left for the airport. After that, one of the criminals was removed from the flight, but after a while they were released. According to Boitsov, he was detained and kept for about a day at the airport.

According to Boitsov's girlfriend's brother, the police released the criminals and accused the blogger of slander, threatening arrest. According to him, $385,000 was stolen from the cryptoblogger.

In his account, Boytsov said that he needed the help of the Russian consulate, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “any higher authorities”.

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