In Austria, sworn in, the transitional government

В Австрии приведено к присяге переходное правительство

Chancellor for the first time in the history of the country was a woman — 69-year-old former head of the constitutional court, Brigitte Bierlein.

Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen on Monday, June 3, swore in a transitional government. It will remain in power until a new Cabinet of Ministers, which should happen by the end of the early elections scheduled for September 2019. As Chancellor officially appointed 69-year-old former President of the constitutional court Brigitte bierlein the first woman at the head of the government of Austria, reports the with reference to

A few days ago, the President instructed Bersin to form a transitional government, composed of 12 Ministers. The Vice-Chancellor and Minister of justice became Clemens Jabloner, long time head of the Supreme administrative court of Austria. As Minister of foreign Affairs took Alexander Kalenberg, who led the branch office of the Chancellor for European Affairs, and the interior Ministry was headed by the former Chairman of the Financial Prosecutor’s office of Austria Pechorin.

Earlier the post of Chancellor was occupied by Sebastian Kurz, the youngest Chancellor in the history of Austria. However, his reign was the most short — only eighteen months. In may 2019 Kurtz and his government lost a vote of confidence in Parliament — this happened for the first time since 1945.

Political crisis in Austria began with a major scandal: some major German Newspapers have published a video in which the Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian strache’s Dating some woman named Alena Makarova. They discuss the deal: the woman is going to buy 50% stake in the largest Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, to before the election to ensure the party strache publications in a favourable light. Strache instead hints that can help her with the business.

This video was recorded in Ibiza for a few months before the parliamentary election, in which strache was the Vice-Chancellor, but his party was in government. Who was the girl in the video is still unknown. According to one version, is the niece of a Russian billionaire Igor Makarov. Strache after the movie is published, resigned. He stated that he made a mistake and tried to “behave like a macho” because he was drunk. He claimed that he did not do anything wrong and was negotiating only in order to impress a woman.

Who’s the Brigitte Bierlein?

Brigitte bierlein the first woman to hold the post of the Austrian Chancellor. Prior to that, she became the first woman in the Prosecutor General’s office of Vienna, and in 1990 — the first woman in the post of General attorney of the Prosecutor General at the Supreme court. In 2018, she was appointed President of the constitutional court.

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Will be whether Berlein as Chancellor until September or continue to occupy it after the election — it’s hard to say. It is known that next year she planned to retire. While Kurtz is a former head of government is expected in September 2019 again to hold the office of Chancellor.

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