In Austria for the first time sent in resignation the government

В Австрии впервые отправили в отставку правительство

This is the first case in the country’s history.

Monday, may 27, the Austrian Parliament expressed no confidence to the Federal Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz and his government. The vote initiated by the Social democratic party of Austria (SPA). It was supported by opposition party “Now” and the Austrian freedom party (fpö). Held an emergency meeting of the National Council in Vienna, reports the with reference on the Facts.

This is the first time in the postwar history of Austria, when Parliament has expressed a vote of no confidence in the Chancellor. Now the President of the country Alexander van der Bellen will have to appoint a new Chancellor and to swear in his government.

Political crisis in Austria appeared suddenly. As already reported “FACTS”, may 17, the German publication Spiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitzung released a video taken by hidden camera during a secret meeting in Ibiza between the well-known Austrian politicians and a certain Russian player who was posing as the niece of billionaire. It was the leaders of the fpö, Heinz-Christian strache and Johann Gudenus. They promised the business woman best construction contracts in the event of his success in the parliamentary elections in exchange for generous funding APS. The deal was a gross violation of the legislation of Austria.

APS has really shown very good results in the parliamentary elections of 2017. It is not only in Parliament, but were able to conclude a coalition agreement with the Austrian people’s party, which led to the victory of Kurtz. He became Federal Chancellor, strache received the chair of the Vice-Chancellor, and Gudenus headed the faction of APS in Parliament.

The video was real. Kurtz has announced the resignation of strache and the breakup of the coalition agreement. He appealed to the Austrian President to hold early parliamentary elections, and van der Bellen supported him. The vote was scheduled for September.

The Austrian Parliament may declare the Kurtz a vote of no confidence

It seemed that Kurtz managed to get out of an unpleasant situation. However, the scandal took advantage of the SPA. Her representatives said that the government of Kurtz is unable to govern the country in the current situation. The censure motion was put to a vote in Parliament after it became known the preliminary results of the elections to the European Parliament. In Austria the most votes received ANP. But it did not save Sebastian Kurz.

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