In Argentina, found the preserved body of a climber who disappeared 42 years ago

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 Remaining body of climber who disappeared 42 years ago found in Argentina

Last week, the body of a young tourist identified as Marta Emilia Altamirano, an Argentinean from the province of Tucumán, was found on one of the highest mountain peaks in South America last week. , the Argentine media report.

Mercedario summit, where it was discovered, – The Andes is the eighth highest mountain in the Argentinean province of San Juan.

Altamirano was on a hike with her sister and her boyfriend in 1981 when she wandered into a remote area and fell into a crevice. According to the Argentine newspaper El Tiempo de San Juan, her comrades searched for her for several hours, but did not find her until the next morning, when she had already died.
They went down the mountain for help, but were able to contact local authorities only after two days after the death of Altamirano. When authorities returned for Altamirano's body, they were unable to find him.

Despite four search attempts, the body was not found until the end of January 2023, when it was discovered stuck in a glacier 5,000 meters above sea level. According to a National Geographic report, the find was made by a group of climbers. The body was well preserved due to the ice and snow, so it was not difficult for Altamirano's relatives to identify her, but the authorities still performed a DNA test.

“We are grateful that they could find out that it was her”, – the sister of the deceased climber told La Gaceta newspaper. “”Everyone worked together so respectfully and humanely, it touched us”.

According to La Nacion, the family plans to return the body to Tucumán so that Marta's parents and loved ones can say goodbye in person. Then they plan to cremate her and scatter her ashes on Mercedario, “so she can rest there.”

“Is there a better place to return than Mercedario? I believe this is her home”,– .said Marta's sister Emilia Altamirano.

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