In Antarctica, the largest glacier is melting and breaking: what threatens it

The largest glacier in Antarctica is melting and splitting: how it threatens

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The Thwaites Glacier, located in West Antarctica, may melt over the next ten years. Because of this, the water level in the world's oceans, at best, will rise by 0.6 m, and at worst – & ndash; by three meters, glaciologists predict.

A piece the size of the American state of Florida may break away from the glacier in the near future. The Thwaites Glacier stretches 120 km along the western coast of Antarctica and is a key area of ​​study in Antarctica for climatologists, including the International Thwaites Glacier Cooperation (ITGC), formed in 2018, writes Livescience.

& quot; Thwaites & ndash; the widest glacier in the world and it contains a lot of water, which once in the ocean will certainly lead to a dramatic chain of events '', & ndash; said Ted Scambos, ITGC Lead Coordinator.

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