In Antarctica recorded a record high temperature

В Антарктиці зафіксували рекордно високу температуру

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Brazilian scientists have recorded on the “white continent” record high temperature. The record was set on 9 February.

It is reported that temperature measurements were made at a polar station, which is located on the island of Seymour in close proximity to the Northern edge of the continent in the framework of the initiated 20 years ago of a project to study the impact of global warming on permafrost.

At the same time, the Brazilian scientist Carlos Schaeffer, told reporters that the highest temperature in Antarctica has nothing to do with global warming. Made a measurement he called “the data obtained at a particular moment and is not part of long term research”.

The news that the temperature in Antarctica has exceeded 20 degrees, most likely, will strengthen the concerns associated with overheating of the planet, the Agency said. Accelerated melting of glaciers in the Antarctic leads to higher sea level, which, in turn, poses a threat to proximity to beach, bridge and small island peoples.

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