In Amsterdam, tourists can on the day “to get married” with the locals

В Амстердаме туристы смогут на день «пожениться» с местными жителями

The initiative has sought to improve relations between locals and travelers.

Amsterdam tourists can now a day “to marry” with a local initiative aimed at combating the negative effects of excessive tourism, the Chronicle with reference to Around the world.

The number of visitors of Amsterdam, according to forecasts, will grow to 29 million over the next decade. Currently, the city is visited by 19 million people per year. The population of the capital of the Netherlands — just one million people. In early may, the city announced that it will cease to actively develop tourism, as the number of visitors was excessive.

Initiative called Untourist Amsterdam has been created in order to give the growing number of visitors the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the development of the city. Co-founder Sabine Linz explained that the group conducts a number of activities aimed at the transformation of consumers into useful for Amsterdam people.Express info by country

One such activity is the project “Marry An Amsterdammer” (“the Wedding with the amsterdammer”), in which local resident and tourist to play “wedding ceremony”, with rings, vows, and proper clothing. The ceremony lasts about 35 minutes, and the “honeymoon” is devoted to the study of little-known places of the city. Despite the fact that marriage is symbolic, the visitor gets a chance to befriend a local and get to know the city through his eyes.

Other interesting initiatives Untourist Amsterdam for visitors to the city include “weed dating” – a date with local time, during which the couple engaged in weeding at the city farm, or a walk in the Park with an older man.

Movement “Marry An Amsterdammer” starts next week, which will be the first “wedding”.

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