In alcohol dependence in women is to blame menstruation

Menstrual cycles may be guilty in strengthening addiction to alcohol in women, the study showed. During the week after menstruation women are drawn to hard alcohol.

We know that menstrual cycles affect women’s mood and can cause a sudden drop in emotions, now, however, these hormonal surges and spikes, was guilty of increasing alcohol dependence. The study showed that a woman’s brain begins to experience an acute need for alcohol in moments of peak performance of the hormone estrogen. Women often reach for a drink when the estrogen in their body increases to the maximum. This occurs approximately on the 12th day of the cycle, shortly before ovulation and about a week after menstruation.

According to experts, hormones play a significant role in the formation of alcohol dependence in women, since at peak performance estrogen drinks cause more pleasant on the emotional level, as found by scientists from the University of Illinois. At certain times of the month women are more vulnerable to the influence of alcohol, they are more likely to abuse alcohol at some stages of its cycle, when the estrogen level reaches a maximum.

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Twice during the menstrual cycle indicators of estrogen in the woman’s body rise and fall. The researchers decided to find out the relationship between these indicators and the craving for alcohol. Observations have shown that neurons in the promotion centre of the brain exchange signals more quickly in response to the alcohol when the estrogen level reaches a maximum. Perhaps this explains gender differences in mental disorders, including different kinds of dependencies.

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