In a terrible accident burned alive: “breaking the rules”, auto soft-boiled

В страшном ДТП заживо сгорел человек: "нарушил правила", авто всмятку

A terrible accident occurred on the road due to traffic violations

February 15 car fatal accident happened near Kamenka of Cherkasy region. Details of the incident described in the dtp group.kiev to Facebook from eyewitnesses.

According to preliminary data, the Audi driver broke the speed limit. He miscalculated his move and rammed the oncoming truck Scania transporting chicken meat. “On one of the photos shows the configuration of the road, the speed was chosen incorrectly,” said the authors of the post.

В страшном ДТП заживо сгорел человек: "нарушил правила", авто всмятку

In the result of a frontal collision the car literally crushed. Inside the car the fire started. Rescuers quickly eliminated the fire. But was unable to rescue the driver, which quickly burned in the cabin. The specialists had to retrieve the dead body of a badly damaged car.

В страшном ДТП заживо сгорел человек: "нарушил правила", авто всмятку

Recently a terrible accident occurred in Kiev on the street borshchahivska. Kia at high speed flew into the Nissan and pushed it directly into the post. Police force pulled the man from the car, after which he began to behave aggressively.

The female driver of the SUV narrowly escaped serious injury. Upon arrival at the scene, the patrol found that the driver of the Kia is in a condition of strong alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. He sat in the driver’s seat and tried to start the car to escape the scene.

The man said that he became an involuntary witness to the accident tried to assist the passenger of one of the wrecked cars. According to him, the police began to beat him and he had to close in another Kia. In addition, the alleged culprit of the accident threatened to rape patrol. A few minutes later, he again from the witness turned to the driver, pulling out his keys and trying to get back in the car.

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About two weeks ago, the Mercedes flew into the people in the Kharkiv region. He rammed the group that helped push another car out of a snowdrift Chuguevsky district.

As it turned out, on the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dolzhansky 26-year-old driver of Mercedes Sprinter minibus lost control and crashed into the “Tavria”. In the accident one of the passengers of the car died on the spot, another two people were injured. Together with the alleged culprit was admitted to the hospital. This was reported in the GUNP in the Kharkiv region.

We will remind, terrible accident has occurred in Kiev: “many dead, the car threw a meat grinder”.

As reported Politeka, the truck rammed the bus with passengers: there were photos of the terrible accident near Chernigov.

Politeka also wrote that the mother of the famous Ukrainian singer was killed in an accident in Kiev.

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