In a network there was a deleted scene from the season 8 Game of thrones

У мережі з'явилась видалена сцена з 8 сезону Гри престолів

All the deleted scenes from Game of thrones show 3 Dec

Game of thrones has ended, but the audience continue to show some scenes from the epic series, which for some reason is not part of the main story. This time we see a deleted scene from the third episode of the last season.

In a two-minute video we show Lannister Tyrion, Sansa stark, Varys, Mccahey and Jilly with a baby in her arms. Heroes are hiding in the crypts of Winterfell during the battle with the white Wanderers. Suddenly the child begins to cry at the very moment when passing by VHT (in the mythology of “Game of thrones” – animated corpses of people and animals, created through the magic of the white Wanderers).

The situation interfere Tyrion and Sansa – they kill monsters and save lives Msande and Gilly with the child. It’s a rough scene – by-frame is possible to hear the command “action”, in addition, in the video, no special effects.

Watch a deleted scene from season 8 Game of thrones:

EW notes that more deleted scenes can be seen in the collector’s edition of “Game of thrones”, which will be released on 3 December. It will be available all eight seasons, as well as bonus content, including the documentary “the Last guardian”, which tells about how he filmed the final season, and 30-minute excursion into the history of the show-run the series from David D. and Benoff Would. Weiss.

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