In 10 seconds: a bandit in Shlomi stole diamonds and a watch for a million shekels

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 In 10 seconds: Shlomi gangster stole a million shekels worth of diamonds and watches

An unusual robbery took place in the settlement of Shlomi in northern Israel. Three young men robbed a car near the Yaloman store. One of them got out of his car, broke the window and took a bag from the back seat. Diamonds, jewelry and a luxury watch worth about a million shekels were found inside.

A Facebook post containing a footage of the robbery offered a cash reward of 200,000 shekels to anyone who found the robber.< br />
The robbers, who were about 20 years old, came to the street in the settlement of Shlomi, where they parked their Toyota car next to the jeweler's car.

Then one of the suspects approached the jeweler's car, smashed punched the glass next to the door, pulled out a bag of jewelry and fled the scene. “He did it in less than ten seconds,” the police spokesman says, adding that the jeweler, who returned to his car, was shocked to find the bag missing and immediately filed a complaint with the Nahariya police station.

The Nahariya police station has launched an investigation into the matter. During it, three suspects were arrested, one of whom was close to the head of the criminal organization Shmulik Harosh. All three denied stealing the bag, and investigators eventually released the two suspects, while the 22-year-old man remained in custody as a suspect in breaking in and stealing valuable property. The term of his detention was extended several times, and in the coming days the indictment against him will be submitted to the court.

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