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The subtleties of the process in an interview with experienced lawyer Meira Zohar

Many members of health insurance companies do not even suspect that they can receive large payments long-term care insurance “Bituah Siudi”. Unfortunately, even though these payments are required by law, getting them is not an easy task. Insurance companies are in no hurry to part with such large amounts (we are talking about monthly payments from 3,500 to 5,500 shekels for 5 years), and ignorance of the legal intricacies of the process completely alienates those in need from the assistance they are entitled to.
Roman, a member of the Clalit Health Insurance Fund, who is diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, frequent falls, orthopedic problems with his back and knees, did not even know about the Arel company hidden in the insurance policy. long-term care insurance, which he pays as part of the health insurance premium. Roman approached Meira Zohar's law office for help with a private policy, but he did not know that in addition to private insurance, he also had health insurance through the health insurance fund. When we gave him this information, Roman was surprised. He was entitled to double the monthly amount, both private and health insurance, totaling about NIS 9,000 per month for 5 years on two policies.
Lawyer Meira Zohar, a specialist in the field of receiving payments for “Bituach Siudi”, has been working in this field for more than 25 years and knows everything about the intricacies of this process. Behind her are thousands of clients who received the necessary assistance, as well as the largest class-action lawsuit against 4 insurance companies at once. Why patients cannot receive the due payments and how to achieve justice from insurers – in this interview.
1. What is long-term care insurance?
This is an important collective insurance policy held by many members of the health insurance companies, which is paid as part of the membership fee to the health insurance fund and gives them financial rights in case of illness or accident when they need long-term care. siudi» under the Bituah Siudi policy?
This is a condition in which the insured needs assistance with at least three daily activities (dressing, bathing, standing up, moving around, eating and drinking, controlling incontinence) or dementia ( cognitive diseases).
3. What is a person who meets these criteria entitled to receive?
It all depends on the age at which the member of the health insurance fund joined the Bituah Siudi insurance policy. at the time of occurrence of the insured event. As a rule, the range of amounts under policies today ranges from 3,500 to 5,500 shekels per month for 5 years of repayment.
4. Are there different ways to pay out the policy?
Exist. The policy should be well studied to take into account each specific case. There can be hundreds and even thousands of shekels discrepancies, depending on whether the insured will be in a special institution, at home or will have a foreign worker.
Or should he seek the help of a professional lawyer?
Despite the fact that the insurance is issued through the Health Insurance Fund, the employees of the Health Insurance Fund do not have sufficient legal knowledge of all the nuances of the Bituah Siudi policy. The insured have to deal with insurance specialists, and this is a complicated and confusing business. Therefore, only a professional knows how to write documents correctly without errors, and most importantly, how to succeed in this.
Zina, 87, a member of the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund, a patient with Parkinson's disease and Vertigo's disease (severe dizziness), has received 17 hours of care from Bituah Leumi since 2017. After reading an article by Meira Zohar's law office, she realized that she had long-term leave insurance from the health insurance fund. Zina turned to a social worker to help her contact the insurance company. However, due to lack of legal knowledge, in the application filed with the Phoenix insurance company, which insures members of Maccabi, the date of the occurrence of the insured event was indicated only from 2019, and not from the period when Zina was recognized as « siudit».
Thus, Zina “fell between the chairs” – “Phoenix” shifted responsibility to the previous insurer, the Klyal company, and Klyal claimed that her statute of limitations had already expired. more than 3 years have passed since then, and insurers have changed. Zina contacted our office, and through a joint lawsuit against two insurance companies, Zina received a lump sum payment of about NIS 110,000 and additional payments of about NIS 4,600 for another 30 months.
6. What are the additional benefits in legal, not “amateur” approach to receiving care benefits?
Most insurance companies, even if they authorize the insured to receive monthly benefits, usually approve it for a short period, such as six months or a year, based on the terms of the policy, which allow you to check the insured against as many of their names as they want.
​​​​​​The advantage of filing a claim with a professional lawyer is that a written and binding fixed payment agreement can be reached with the insurance company, without further hassle for the insured.
7. Is there a right only for the future monthly allowance, or also for the payment for the past period?
Since this usually concerns the elderly and sick people, insurance companies that have to pay money, in many cases unfortunately prefer to ignore past periods and approve only future ones, since the insured may, God forbid, die, and then the payment stops of money. Therefore, when Meira Zohar's lawyer deals with this issue, she tries to establish, as far as possible, the right to payments for the past period, so that the insured also receives a lump sum in addition to current benefits.
These questions — just a small part of the important information you need to know about the Bituach Siudi care insurance issued by health insurance companies.
Therefore, an unprofessional handling of the issue can be detrimental, especially when there are significant amounts of money at stake that must be collected from insurance companies.
Our office is headed by an experienced lawyer Meira Zohar, who has been working with Russian-speaking Israelis for many years and represents their interests throughout the country, and we know how to help the insured as safely, quickly, efficiently and correctly as possible. The office has been specializing exclusively in Bituah Siudi insurance for many years. for long term care. Lawyer Meira Zohar works directly with each client, there is no need for a team of “accountants”, “experts” and so on. This greatly simplifies the litigation process for insured sick people.
We were able to win a positive decision in a very important class action lawsuit against 4 insurance companies, which relates to Bituah Siudi's private policies. You can read about the subject of the class action and other legal successes of the firm on our website.
Our main office is located in the business center of Bnei Brak. But IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the office staff works throughout Israel, from north to south, INCLUDING EILAT, and can help solve your problems. Call: 03-5622772, 050-9929120, 050-7756772 (we speak Russian).

Our work is only paid after the successful resolution of the problem.
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