Immersive promenade performance on the streets of Tel Aviv

 Immersive promenade spectacle on the streets of Tel Aviv

MART International Culture Festival presents Remote Tel Aviv — the Tel Aviv premiere of the promenade performance Remote X by the theater label Rimini Protokoll, which has traveled to dozens of cities around the world and won numerous theatrical awards

The performance begins right on the street. Every viewer — more precisely, now he becomes a member of — gets headphones. Soon, a GPS-like voice will appear in them, music will sound and everyone will go on a journey that nothing is known about.

 Immersive promenade spectacle on the streets of Tel Aviv

This is how the promenade performance of Remote X takes place in all the cities where he comes. For each location, the Rimini Protokoll team writes its own script and develops a special storyline for the play. Remote Tel Aviv was created specifically for MART Festival.

The urban space becomes the stage. The electronic guide not only indicates where to go and what to do, but gives ironic and philosophical comments on what is happening, talks about the eternal and the momentary, asks you to remember something or, on the contrary, dream about something. Despite the fact that artificial intelligence monitors the actions of the participants from the side, by the end of the route it seems to become an old acquaintance, and the music playing from the headphones helps everyone feel like the hero of a joint film.

 Immersive promenade spectacle on the streets of Tel Aviv

To some extent, this is a fascinating sociological experiment. Participants observe each other, make decisions independently, but always remain part of the group. What can we do together, to what extent are we ready to follow the instructions, how much our choice is influenced by the behavior of other participants and the environment, which is unpredictable by default?

In 2000, artists and directors Helgard Haug, Stefan Kägi and Daniel Wetzel founded the theater label Rimini Protokoll. Over the next 20 years, they have completed countless projects, and in each of them the audience does not watch the actors play, but interacts with real people, real stories, a familiar city or with themselves.

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Today Rimini Protokoll is called the main theatrical inventors of Europe — they have no equal in experiments with different formats of theatrical performance. Their work has been awarded the “Silver Lion” the Venice Biennale, the New Theatrical Reality Prize of the Union of Theaters of Europe, the German Faust National Theater Prize, the Grand Prix of the Swiss Federal Office for Culture, as well as the German Audio Play Award and the War Blinded Audio Play Prize, which are awarded to playwrights of the best audio performances in German.

Project adaptation, screenplay and direction (Tel Aviv): Jörg Karrenbauer.

Remote Tel Aviv promenade show, March 20–April 14 , beginning at 16:30 at the address: st. Kedem, 132, Tel Aviv. Duration — 2 hours.
The performance is in English, Russian and Hebrew.

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Photo: Sonya Zugic, Lafun Photography


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