Imam Loda: attacks against al-Aqsa will spawn an intifada that will burn everything

Imam Loda: attacks against Al-Aqsa will spawn an intifada that will burn everything

Member of the Knesset Itamar Ben-Gwir has published new charges against Imam Lod Yousef Albaz.

In a video shared on social networks, Sheikh Albaz says: “ Repeated attacks against al-Aqsa Mosque will create an intifada that will burn everything. ''

Israel's Deputy Attorney General Alon Altman has ordered a new case against Sheikh Albaz on suspicion of incitement to violence after the statement filed by Itamar Ben-Gwir.

At the same time, Altman did not find in Albaz's statements “ incitement to violence based on racial hatred '', but only in “ incitement due to the actions of the Israeli government ''.

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