“I'm the only one to blame.” Leps spoke about the divorce from his wife

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 "Only I am to blame". Leps spoke about the divorce from his wife

Russian singer Grigory Leps, almost for the first time, spoke about his divorce from Anna Shaplykova. The couple lived together for 20 years and divorced last year.

According to Leps, only he is to blame for the divorce.

“I'm sorry that everything happened this way. I offended my wife in a very ugly way. We do not make a world bestseller out of what happened. The moment here is personal, it is difficult to answer one. The only thing I can say is that only one person is to blame for everything that happened, in our divorce. And that's me. There are no other culprits,” Leps said.

As StarHit notes, the singer stressed that they maintained “good relations” with their ex-wife.

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