“I'm shaking as I write these words.” Prominent Orthodox journalist turns out to be gay

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“I'm shaking as I write these words,” writes Channel 12 religious affairs reporter Yair Sherki in a Facebook post that quickly went viral; “I love men and God, and they don't contradict each other.”

A veteran orthodox journalist came out as gay on the nation's most watched news channel on Tuesday.

“I I love men and I love God and this is neither contradictory nor new,” Yair Sherki wrote in a Facebook post that quickly gained thousands of “likes” quickly spread in social networks.

Sherki grew up in a national-religious community in Jerusalem's Kiryat Moshe district, where his father, Ori, is the rabbi of the community, as well as a teacher in the well-known yeshiva “Mashon Meir”. He served in the military as a religious reporter for Army Radio and was hired to the same position by Channel 12 shortly after leaving in 2014.

“But now I'm 30 years old and I I write not because I have the strength to write, but because I do not have the strength to be silent. [But I also write] for my son, who has not yet come to this world,” Sherki said.

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