I’m a Celebrity 2021: All the Stars Who Excluded

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I’m a Celebrity 2021: All the Stars Who Excluded

I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! 2021 is almost here and the series is expected to return next month.

Rumors about this year’s lineup are rife with former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, 78, reportedly ‘signing up’ for the show at Gwrych Castle, Wales for the second times. You can see the rumored line-up in full here.

And while ITV usually doesn’t give much on the official I’m a Rejected Celebrity until the hour draws near, there are some stars fans can definitely rule out.

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A series of famous faces, rumored to have recently denied they would be going to the camp.

While one celebrity has said she is deviating from the Welsh version of the show, others have claimed they would not be up to the food challenges.

Here is a full list of stars who have opted out of I’m A Celebrity 2021.

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins (Image: PA)

The Welsh singer recently revealed that the deal was broken to prevent her from making I’m A Celebrity.

Speaking to North Wales Live about the speculation she receives each year, Katherine said: ‘Almost every year they say I’m going to be there, especially last year. [when it moved to North Wales]. »

This means that she will not participate in the next series. And when asked if she would consider signing up in the future, Katherine replied, “To be honest, I love watching it but I wouldn’t. “

Continuing to discuss I’m a Celebrity, Katherine, who grew up in Neath, explained that she was a vegetarian and therefore “wouldn’t eat the bugs” on the show. You can read more about it here.

Lisa Riley

I’m a Celebrity 2021: All the Stars Who Excluded

Lisa Riley explained why she refuses me to be a celebrity “every year” (Image: Isabel Infantes / PA Wire)

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley has revealed she turned down a spot in the Welsh camp this year.

The star has a pretty busy schedule and recently took part in several high-profile series plots with her character Mandy Dingle.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Lisa, 45, said: “I love playing Mandy so much, that’s why I keep turning down other good roles.

“They offer me that I’m a celebrity every year and every year I say ‘no’.

“It’s not because of all the scary crawlies or challenges, I wouldn’t really mind.

“I would be so bored in this. I have so much energy from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep.

“Sitting in the camp all day would drive me crazy. I would need to be stimulated all the time. “

Denise Van Outen

I’m a Celebrity 2021: All the Stars Who Excluded

Denise van Outen (Image : Ian West/PA Wire)

Denise surprised fans when she said she wouldn’t be signing up for I’m A Celebrity while it was in Wales.

While the TV presenter is keen to be on the show at one point, the 47-year-old has said she “has to be in Australia” and not Wales before she takes a chance.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “I’m being asked to do this. [I’m A Celeb] but there is no way i can do it this year cause i’m proud [performing in a variety show].

“I will at some point. I think I’m a celebrity for my 50th birthday would be something good to do.

“But it has to be Australia for me, not Wales – as much as I love the Welsh. To be honest, I am much more animated by the jungle than by the castle. You can read more about what she said here.

Piers Morgan

I’m a Celebrity 2021: All the Stars Who Excluded

Piers Morgan (Image : Getty Images)

The former GMB presenter recently slammed Ant and Dec’s I’m A Celebrity 2021 job posting.

In May, Ant and Dec were enticed by Lorraine Kelly to join Piers. Ant jokingly, that might not be a bad idea as he will “be looking for a job”. You can read everything Ant said here.

However, Piers, who recently revealed his ties to Wales, has firmly ruled out the possibility, slamming Ant and Dec’s ‘horrific’ offer to humiliate himself in front of the UK public.

In his Daily Mail column, Piers said, “‘Well, he’s not working right now, so he’ll be looking for a job,’ Ant mocked, as Dec chuckled like a hyena brushing on the floor. the idea of ​​luring me to their prison camp in the hellish jungle.

“Let me clarify one thing: there is no way I will be exposing myself to a series of horrific gastronomic humiliations to the delight of the British public.

“When I nibble on kangaroo testicles, I do so in the privacy of my home. “

Nick Grimshaw

I’m a Celebrity 2021: All the Stars Who Excluded

Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw

When asked if he would be taking part in an interview with FUBAR radio recently, Nick said, “I don’t think I would. Honestly, I can’t with any creature.

“I don’t know how people do it. Honestly, I just couldn’t. “

He added, “I can’t even touch a cat. I couldn’t touch a snake. I could not. The dogs I’m fine with, but even my sister’s cats, I’m like, ‘Aahh!’. So there is no way. “

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