Ilyas Illias Ganeev temporarily leaves main roster

Ilyas Illias Ganeev temporarily left the main roster

In esports, just like in regular sports, the composition of the team plays an important role. It depends on the professional and practical skills of the players whether the team will get the desired result or lose to the enemy. Therefore, information about the roster change is always relevant for those who follow the development of events in Dota 2. Any change in the team roster is immediately reflected in the coefficients published on the e-sport service website and other thematic portals.

The other day, the esports organization announced a change in the Dota 2 roster. Officials said that support Ilyas Illias Ganeev was transferred to an inactive. The length of the period for the removal of the esports player is still unknown. Reportedly, the reason for the indefinite suspension of Ganeev is a personal task (focusing on one's own health).

During this period, the absent player in VP will be replaced by Yegor Xakoda Lipartia, a player from the Team Spirit academy. The cybersportsman joined the team on loan and intends to remain in the main team until the end of the first season of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 for the CIS. Based on the results of the league, the club will present the newly formed roster for the next regional tournament, which will be held from March 14 to April 24. plays in the first division of DPC 2021/2022 for the CIS countries. Today the team is in fifth place in the division's standings and has two well-earned victories (out of four previous meetings). As you can see, the results are not the worst and even very encouraging. The remaining matches involve three more meetings with rather strong teams, the outcomes of which will determine the winner. Duels within the VP tournament with Team Empire, Natus Vincere and Team Spirit will take place on January 7, 16 and 21, respectively.

The team currently consists of 5 Russian players, as well as two participants who are in inactive: Ilyas Illias Ganeev (Russia) and Vitaly Save-Melnik (Moldova). Detailed information about each of the players in the main squad and inactive can be found on the thematic portals containing the relevant data. The information is constantly updated, so if you want to get the desired result, carefully monitor the changes in the standings and the forecasts of experienced analysts.

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