I'll ruin your business! A fit of rabies Oshrat Kotlyar in a Berlin bakery

I will ruin your business! A fit of rage Oshrat Kotlyar in a Berlin bakery

Former & ldquo; face & rdquo; Israeli television, TV presenter and journalist Oshrat Kotlyar again found herself at the center of a scandal – this time in the city of Berlin.

Unvaccinated Kotlyar and her family arrived in Berlin on vacation. She came to Lauren Cortovila's bakery-cafe Fine Bagles in Berlin. She was told that she could not sit in a cafe because she did not have a “green passport”.

Kortovila says: “ She was furious after we told her that according to the rules, she cannot sit in a cafe. She started screaming that & ldquo; you & rdquo; & ldquo; went through brainwashing again & rdquo; and & ldquo; discriminate against people again & rdquo ;. When asked who is & ldquo; you & rdquo; she replied: “ You are Germans. '' Kotlyar later wrote on Facebook about “an interesting experience of being Jewish and a member of a new isolated group in Germany 80 years after the Holocaust.” An even more interesting thing is that Kortovila was not a German, but an American Jewish woman with relatives in Israel, but Kotlyara did not write about this.

Kotlyar returned to the bakery six hours later and started yelling that she was a famous Israeli journalist and & ldquo; will ruin your business & rdquo; for the insults caused to her. Kortovila then wrote a letter to Haaretz journalist Ronit Vered and asked her if this was really the case and if she had any reason to be concerned. Vered posted the entire story on Facebook.

Kotlyar claims that she was “ thrown out of the bakery without any provocation '' and now she has become the & ldquo; victim of a social media smear campaign & rdquo ;. Kotlyar claims that “ I wandered the streets of Berlin sobbing for five hours '' and “ felt like a member of an isolated minority ''.

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