Igor Guberman. Russian-Hebrew dictionary “garikov”

Igor Guberman. Russian-Hebrew dictionary

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500 Gariks, 60 years of creativity and the first translation into Hebrew. Igor Guberman will present at ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, with the support of the Nadav Foundation, his new book Gariki from Jerusalem and not only …

The idea of ​​a linguistic bridge between cultures is not new. In Israel, this was the beginning of the famous Gesher theater, which means a bridge. And, if the theatrical bridge has been successfully functioning in Israel and around the world for 30 years, the literary bridge has not yet been built. The book of the famous writer Igor Guberman “ Gariki from Jerusalem '' became such a flagship. It includes quatrains from books of different years, as well as new “ gariki '' in the original, that is, in Russian and translated into Hebrew, which were collected and translated by Dr. Michael Riskin.

 Igor Guberman. Russian-Hebrew dictionary

Michael Riskin: “ In my opinion, Igor Mironovich Guberman, first of all, is & ndash; Israeli poet. And not because he lives in Israel, in Jerusalem and loves this country, his country, our country, but mainly because, both in form and in content, Guberman & ndash; Jewish poet with a Jewish soul. A soul that hurts for his people, which is felt and shown in his poems. They have a practical view of the world, and soulfulness, self-irony and originality of humor with a Jewish squint, everything that is inherent in the Jewish people.

The gariki, collected in this edition from many books over the years, will inevitably become part of Israeli culture. They carry an original, laconic, poignant modern thought that is easily remembered thanks to the rhyme, these are remarks no less capacious than quotations from the Talmud.

The Great Aliyah largely determined the character of Israel, its features, contributed to all spheres of life: science, technology, security, sports, economics, jurisprudence, political life. We have achieved great success everywhere, except for one very important area. This is the realm of Hebrew-Israeli literature. Huberman's new book & ndash; one of the first signs of our contribution to Israeli literature, which speaks of Jewish issues with a Jewish squint and Jewish worldview.

Agree, it is strange that a poet, a Jew, known to millions and with millions of copies of books, who is known on all continents, but completely unknown to the local Hebrew-speaking population, has been living in Israel for more than 30 years now. This absurdity had to be corrected. That is why the idea of ​​this book arose. ” Bulba.

In the first part of the evening, Igor Guberman and Michael Riskin, as if playing linguistic ping-pong, will read “ gariki '', respectively, in Russian and Hebrew, giving the viewer the opportunity to compare the sound of familiar lines in both languages. In the second part, Igor Guberman will share his Jerusalem diaries with the audience. Guberman and Riskin also promise several surprises, including a song translated into Hebrew to the lyrics by Igor Mironovich.

Michael Riskin: “ During these 30 years of its existence and replenishment, our aliyah has been divided into at least three generations. Parents, children, grandchildren. The elders do not all speak Hebrew, and the younger ones often speak Russian poorly. Grandfathers and grandmothers want to share their worldview with their grandchildren, to convey to them their Jewish worldview, and this requires some kind of platform, a joint topic of communication. And these quatrains & ndash; a kind of bridge to this. Because it is easier for grandfathers to read in Russian, and then, if desired, read the translation into Hebrew, and it is easier for grandchildren to read the Hebrew translation, and then hear the original from the older generation in Russian. This & ndash; interface, a way of communication between generations. It is difficult to overestimate such a book as a contribution to our everyday life, and to the life of the whole aliyah as a whole. It will help everyone not to forget who we are and where we are from, to be proud of our origin and to find mutual understanding with each other. ”

Evening“ Familiar and unfamiliar Guberman. Gariki from Jerusalem and beyond '' will be held in Anu, the Museum of the Jewish People, 01.20.22 at 19:00.

Before the concert, at 17:00, we invite everyone to an informative and satirical “ Garikov excursion '' on the new exposition of the ANU museum about human civilization and the phenomenon of Jewish life in it by Rimma Usmanova.

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I. Guberman

Link to the event: https://fb.me/e/1AXKifyCr

Tickets: tickets.anumuseum.org.il/ru/show/392

Museum address: st. Klausner, 15, Tel Aviv.

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