Igor died 14 years after the attack. His killers all this time – on the loose

 Igor died 14 years after the attack. His killers have been at large all this time

42-year-old security guard Igor Birbrover from Lod worked at a gas station near the settlement of Nili.

In May In 2007, a group of Palestinian terrorists drove up to the gas station and fired 30 bullets at Igor. He was evacuated to the hospital in a critical condition.

As a result of his injuries, Igor lost his leg and lost his sight. He received a severe head wound. The doctors said that the very fact that he survived was a “miracle”.

His daughter, Tatyana, says that her father never lost hope. He died from his injuries last year, 14 years after the attack.

Only now, after an investigation by the Haaretz newspaper, did his family learn that his father's killers had been “pardoned” under the “Wanted Man Agreement” with the Palestinian Authority, concluded in 2007. In exchange for a promise to stop participating in terrorist activities, they were guaranteed freedom.

A year after the attack, the driver of the car that brought the terrorists, Arafat Nofel, was arrested. During the investigation, it turned out that the shooters – Mahmoud Marar and Abd el-Karim signed an obligation not to participate in terror under the “Wanted” agreement. – and thus evaded responsibility.

Nofel, for his part, officially complained that he would experience a “sense of injustice”; due to the fact that he is in prison for a long time, and those who shot go free and were not arrested. Military judge Zvi Lekah listened to the terrorist's complaints, approved the deal with justice and added that it was approved by the victim's family members. The family did not know anything about the deal.

The driver of the car in which the killers arrived will be released in two weeks, as part of a deal he made with justice.

Igor's daughter, Tatiana, says: "I am very surprised that they were released. I was sure that everyone was arrested. I am very sad that those who destroyed our family, those who destroy our state, have been released or they were not arrested at all. Maybe because it wasn't on the news. If we had raised a fuss in the press, would they have done something?

Lyudmila, Igor's wife says: “No one spoke to us and no one told us about the pardon. We would never agree to such a thing. I'm very disappointed. I feel that the law does not protect me in this country. I don't know what happened and why they weren't arrested, we were never told anything. I'm just shocked”.

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