“If you don't want long-term COVID, get vaccinated”

Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz has warned of the rapid spread of the new Omicron coronavirus, according to Arutz Sheva.

speed, and within a few days it spread a lot, which we did not see with the previous versions, “Horowitz said.

The minister noted that the rate of vaccination is” insufficient. “

“People ask me,” Is the public to blame? ” The public is not to blame, but we have to say something very clearly here: The State of Israel has made vaccines available to everyone free of charge. Ultimately, the responsibility for vaccinating children rests primarily with the parents. If a parent decides not to vaccinate their children, the responsibility falls on him, '' the head of the Ministry of Health emphasized.

Nitzan Horowitz also said that vaccination helps to avoid not only a serious course of the disease, but also the manifestations of symptoms of “ prolonged COVID '' ;.

& quot; If you want to protect your child from illness, you need to protect yourself. If you don't want a serious illness, if you don't want long-term COVID, you need to get vaccinated. ”

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