“If nothing is done, we will lose control of Israel's borders”


A silent war on the Israeli borders could lead to loss of control and security.

Samaria David Elhayani.

“More than 5,000 illegal houses have been built in Area C in the past three years. Every day and without hindrance, Palestinians illegally build on state lands, in strategic areas for Israel, near Israeli settlements, on the territory of archaeological sites and nature reserves. Since I took office as head of the Settlement Council, I have put this issue at the forefront, & ndash; he noted.

According to Elhayani, the media are publishing false reports of left-wing organizations instead of coming and showing what is really happening in the settlements.

“Palestinian lawless construction triumphs, and the Jews are not even allowed to put up a bench without permission. If the situation does not change soon, we will lose control of the borders of the state of Israel, and then security,” & ndash; he concluded.

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