“If it hadn't been for the vaccine, I would have died.” Confession of Billie Eilish

Popular singer Billie Eilish spoke to Billboard about how she got sick with the coronavirus. During the interview, the singer made a shocking confession that she could have died if she had not taken root from COVID-19.

“I had already had time to get sick, but no one knew about it. I was sick for almost two months, got sick in August, everything went away only a couple of months ago. So that you understand, everything is fine with me only because I have taken root. If it weren't for the vaccine, I would have died, it probably would have been so bad, ”Billie Eilish said in an interview.

Billie Eilish added that“ it's great that there is a vaccine. ” According to her, thanks to the vaccine, her brother, parents and friends did not get sick.

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