If dogs could talk: epic video

Якби собаки вміли розмовляти: епічне відео

If dogs could talk

The network is gaining popularity funny video that demonstrates how actually the dog react to guests with human translation. Owners of Pets are going to love that!

Platform Reddit user with the nickname drvignesh163 shared a hilarious video which lifts the veil of emotions of dogs. The video, which shows what I think fluffies in the time of appearance of the guests, quickly conquers the tops. It has been viewed more than 37 thousand people and more than 400 left comments.

What’s the gimmick? The man in the dog suit, which voices the thoughts of a pet. On account of a doorbell, the guests, the hostess opens and starts talking. Meanwhile, “dog” begins to cry: “Who is it? Go away, this is not your house”.

If dogs could speak from r/funny

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