If Bennett was Bebe

If Bennett were Beebe

Recently, Naftali Bennett's speeches have been rather hysterical. He then threatens, then persuades, then appeals to conscience, then warns. We are talking, of course, about a new strain of coronavirus and the fight against it. Israel is again throwing from one extreme to another: from the triumph of victory over the next wave of the epidemic – to new bans.

In general, what is happening in the country today reflects the general world situation. Strain omicron spreads much faster than its predecessors, although the degree of its danger to life and health has not yet been determined. The international consensus boils down to the fact that mass vaccination of the population & ndash; the only way to return to normal life, therefore, all governments by hook or by crook are driving humanity towards a bright, visionless future.

The ECHR has already recognized quarantine as a means that does not violate the Convention on Human Rights. The next issue on the world agenda & ndash; coercion to vaccinate. Professor Salman Zarka, who is responsible for the fight against coronavirus, has already spoken on this topic. From a purely technical point of view, tracing those who have not become accustomed and imposing fines on them will not be a problem in our digitized state with its powerful special services. But such a decision can only be made at the political level, which means internal disagreements for the coalition and sharp criticism from outside, up to a vote of no confidence. All of this Bennett tries to avoid, convincing citizens to vaccinate voluntarily. But the results of his efforts are rather weak. Vaccination with the third dose, which we started first, is too slow – the number of daily vaccinations is ten times less than necessary, and among children vaccinated less than 10 percent. The tantrums and desperate appeals of the prime minister only undermine his authority and confidence in the government's policies.

Most likely, Bennett chose his line of influence on society, focusing on the behavior of European leaders, or so as not to be, “ like Bibi. '' Netanyahu would have acted and talked differently in his place. He would not ask people to show consciousness – which looks like “ help me deal with our common problem '' – but confidently declared: “ You have a problem, and I will help you. I can handle her. ” It was under this motto that the struggle against the “ crown '' took place. in the first wave. The authorities took extraordinary measures, but no one dared to object and argue. People believed that “ up there '' really know how to save us from unfamiliar adversity. It turned out that no one knows anything, but that was later.

What would Netanyahu or another calculating manipulator do today if he had to fight the fifth wave of the epidemic, with the growing movement of anti-axers, with rumors about the dangers and futility of the vaccine? No, he would not have announced mandatory vaccinations. This is a risky business that will lead to protests, clashes with the police, a drop in the government's rating, as well as numerous lawsuits in the BAGATS and harsh criticism from political opponents. (The latter is especially dangerous for the current government, which still has the status of “ experimental '' and cannot afford serious mistakes and too unpopular measures). The manipulator would also not introduce a new quarantine, so as not to completely ruin the economy and school education, which he then would have to bring out of the crisis. Perhaps he would have limited entry to entertainment and shopping establishments for the unvaccinated, but this is still half-measure. As the experience of Europe has shown, the inability to eat in a restaurant or watch a performance does not force convinced refuseniks to get vaccinated, and there are more and more of them in the world.

A real manipulator would take a simple step, working precisely in Israel, & ndash; he would have banned them from leaving the country, but not for the unvaccinated, but for everyone. Leaving Israelis without traveling abroad is the worst punishment you can think of. After all, this means depriving them of the opportunity, at least for a short time, to escape from the stressful everyday life, full of risk and uncertainty about the future. It is no coincidence that the beginning of each new wave is accompanied by a rapid rush of our citizens to the airport & ndash; fly, fly wherever you want, until you shut it down!

But it is important not only to close the airport, but to inform the population that this measure is caused by the low rates of vaccination. And then everything will happen by itself. Our people, already accustomed to being divided into “ strangers '' and “ theirs '' and to search for the guilty, he will receive a new image of the enemy. In his eyes, the unvaccinated minority will become the main reason for all restrictions, the main culprit of what is happening, as it used to be ultra-Orthodox, Arabs or “ Russians '' or whoever. Tension in society will grow, up to the use of violence, but in the end the goal will most likely be achieved. Under the pressure of the environment, activists, doubters and just do not care will go for vaccinations and take their children there. True, enmity, despair and discord will remain between people for a long time when the “ crown '' already gone, but for manipulators this is not a problem. On the contrary, it allows for the invariably effective principle of divide and conquer.

Interestingly, Bennett also proposed to close the airport, but in his mouth the idea sounded like a hysteria and an impossible threat. No one in the new cabinet even began to seriously discuss such a proposal. Only a very confident ruler can take such an unpopular step without risking incurring the wrath of the entire people of Israel, and even being able to shift the responsibility onto others. Bennett clearly lacks such a skill. If the growing epidemic forces the government to introduce compulsory vaccinations and fines for the unvaccinated, as planned in Austria, it will look like an act of desperation, not a thoughtful and reasonable measure. Yes, Bennett sometimes has to, willy-nilly, repeat the path of Netanyahu, but the results are completely different. And the most interesting thing is that so far no one knows whether this is good or bad for the people of Israel.

Author //: Irina Petrova

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