IDF warns of increased unrest and terror in Judea and Samaria

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 IDF warns of increased unrest and terror in Judea and Samaria

Escalation of tensions in Judea and Samaria: according to the IDF, during September, the number of terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and military personnel increased by tens of percent compared to the previous month, which was also turbulent. This was reported on October 1 by the News Service of the TV channel "12Keshet".

More than others, checkpoints of the Israeli army are being attacked. However, the IDF does not exclude the possibility of new sabotage and asks to increase vigilance. Among other things, it is specified that the terrorists do not stop trying to capture Israeli citizens, primarily military personnel.
In this regard, the army is reminded of the increased cases of attacks on army patrols. To carry out attacks, the terrorists use monitors who inform them of the approach of the Israeli security forces and their route.

their members. It is not ruled out that representatives of the security services of the Palestinian Authority will take part in the confrontation.

The Israeli special services note that the escalation has already begun, and only the operational actions of the IDF, the Shin Bet security service and the border police MAGAV prevent it from developing into more a large-scale and hot phase.

A month ago, Israel drew attention to the alarming statistics of terror: in addition to 60 gun attacks, in Judea and Samaria in August there were about 60 incidents of shooting at Israeli soldiers during anti-terrorist raids. This is more than in all of 2021. Not to mention the fact that 220 gun attacks were prevented by the IDF and Shin Bet agents.

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