IDF unit led by a female officer killed terrorists

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 IDF unit led by a female officer killed terrorists

Despite many detractors questioning the advisability of including women in elite combat units, earlier this week a mixed battalion led by a female officer was able to recognize and neutralize a dangerous terrorist squad.< br />
“It was 7 am when I told the female fighters that the terrorists you neutralized four hours ago were responsible for attacks on civilians in the Almog settlement south of Jericho. They couldn't believe it”, — said Lieutenant A. from the “Bekaa Levia” battalion

” This is the answer to those who doubt the value of mixed combat units, ", — added the lieutenant.

On Monday morning, during a grueling nighttime raid on the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, southwest of Jericho in the Jordan Valley, 30 soldiers — men and women — successfully eliminated the wanted terrorists.

This was their first real skirmish with the terrorists, and it was they who managed to complete the mission, despite the fact that special forces from the elite units of Duvdevan participated in the operation; and Magellan.

Five dead and two seriously wounded terrorists were found to have body armor, grenades, loaded clips, machine guns and pistols. This left no doubt as to what these terrorists were planning.

The night raid was one of the most successful operations since the IDF's first mixed battalion was formed 23 years ago. Division “Magellan” provided psychological support to the Bekaa Levia fighters who came under fire and effectively neutralized the terrorists.

“We proved to the skeptics that mixed units get things done, even when it's difficult. Personally, I have never felt the need to prove anything just because I am a woman. Our female warriors don't lower the bar, and the IDF is wise to use them,” — said Lieutenant A.

Sergeant L., also from the Bekaa Levia battalion, said on Ynet Radio: “When it comes to this kind of operation, I trust the fighters next to me, and they trust me. Gender doesn't matter".

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