IDF: Terrorist sentenced as part of plea deal

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 IDF: Terrorist sentenced in plea deal

Israel Defense Forces Confirms Arab Media Reports of Sentencing Senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad Member Bassem al-Saadi.

According to the IDF press service, he was sentenced under a plea agreement.

grouping, inciting and impersonating another person,” the report said.

According to the text of the indictment, al-Saadi, in collusion with other suspects, promoted the activities of Islamic Jihad, receiving funding from one of members of a terrorist group in Gaza. He bought flags and scarves and distributed them in the “student wing”.

He also called for the continuation of the “Palestinian resistance”. When arrested, he posed as another person in an attempt to avoid arrest.

“The military prosecutor's office accepted al-Saadi's plea agreement and sentenced him to 22 months in prison, as well as a suspended sentence and financial compensation.” ;, – reported in the IDF.

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