IDF surveillance balloon crashes in Gaza under disputed circumstances

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 IDF surveillance balloon crashed in Gaza under disputed circumstances

The Israel Defense Forces reported that a military surveillance balloon crashed in northern Gaza on Friday afternoon.

According to Palestinian According to the media, the balloon crashed in the city of Beit Hanoun and was picked up by members of the terrorist group Hamas.

information leaks. These reports suggest that Hamas may be able to obtain some intelligence from the sensors and cameras that were equipped with the balloon.

Palestinian reports claimed that the balloon was shot down by Hamas forces, but the military denied this information. The IDF stated that the balloon broke free of anchor for unknown reasons.

An incoming projectile warning was activated during an incident in an open area near the Erez border crossing in northern Gaza, but the IDF said it was caused by warning shots fired by Israeli forces.

According to Palestinian media reports, the warning shots were an attempt to prevent Hamas militants from approaching the balloon's crash site.

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