IDF strikes military base in southern Syria

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 IDF strikes military facility in southern Syria< /p>

The IDF dropped leaflets in the area of ​​Quneitra in southern Syria, near the border with the Golan Heights, warning the Syrian army about the consequences of cooperation with the Hezbollah terrorist group.

The leaflets were dropped following opposition media reports of an alleged Israeli airstrike last night in the Al-Suwayda area.

There has been no comment from Syrian state and pro-government media regarding the alleged Israeli airstrike. The IDF also does not comment on reports of an airstrike.

The leaflets, photos of which are published on social networks, depict an eagle – a symbol of the 210th Israeli Bashan Division, which protects Israel's border with Syria and the Golan Heights.< br />
Syrian journalist Nour Abo Hassan tweeted that the leaflets were dropped by Israeli drones in the Quneitra area, which he believes confirms the Israeli bombing that took place last night at midnight on Tal-Qaliba in As-Suweida, the target was a military objective.

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