IDF strikes Gaza in response to nighttime rocket fire

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 IDF strikes Gaza in response to nighttime rocket attack

The Israeli military attacked Gaza early Saturday morning, hours after two rockets were fired at Israelis from the Palestinian side.

The military said the target was a Hamas underground rocket manufacturing facility in central Gaza.

“The facility was one of the largest and most important facilities in Gaza for the production of basic materials for missiles by terrorist groups”, — the military said, arguing that the attack would significantly slow down missile production.

The military regularly holds Hamas responsible for any attacks emanating from Gaza.

At the same time, two more rockets were fired at Israel, and warning sirens went off in the Lakhish Regional Council, northeast of Gaza. from Gaza to Israel at night, also failed to reach their target. According to the Israel Defense Forces, one of the rockets was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, and the other landed in an open area.

No Gaza-based terrorist group has claimed responsibility for Saturday's rocket attacks on Israel.

The rocket attack came just hours after US President Joe Biden left the country and shortly after Saudi Arabia announced a normalization agreement with Israel.

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