IDF soldiers restore an ancient Byzantine monastery

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 IDF soldiers restore ancient Byzantine monastery

Israel Defense Forces soldiers restore an ancient Byzantine monastery estimated to be 1,500 years old. It was discovered 20 years ago. It was accidentally damaged during exercises. We are talking about a small section of the Khorbat-Khani training ground, located in the military zone. The soldiers were involved in the excavation and cleaning of the monastery as part of the educational project “Nature Forces Program: Officers Take Responsibility for the Environment”. The excavations revealed two buildings, one with a church paved with colorful mosaics, nuns' quarters and a crypt, and the other containing “a kitchen, a refectory and a pilgrimage inn”. "Excavations— this is an example of how officers take responsibility for the environment and carry out meaningful activities”, — said Guy Saly, Project Director of the Nature Protection Forces IDF. According to the Institute of Antiquities, the mosaic is already partly visible. A visit to this place can be arranged with the permission of the IDF Central Command.

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