IDF soldier – repatriate spent 10 hours in Iran

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 IDF soldier - immigrant spent 10 hours in Iran

A plane that took off last week from Tashkent to Dubai was forced to make an emergency landing in Shiraz, Iran.

Among the passengers was an IDF soldier. The landing was made after a medical incident with one of the passengers. After landing, the young Israeli woman hurried to report the unusual incident to her parents. Her parents contacted her commanders in the IDF, who informed the security chiefs. After several nervous hours, she managed to board the plane, which continued to fly to Dubai.

The dramatic event took place around 5 am on Thursday last week, and until today it has been banned from publication. We are talking about a 19-year-old Russian citizen who ended up on the territory of an enemy country.

When the plane landed in Iran, the passengers were dropped off and had to wait at the terminal for about 10 hours. At the border control, the servicewoman showed her Russian passport, which indicated that it was issued in Israel, and waited for hours with other passengers, fearing that at any moment they might find out that she was Israeli.

In the meantime, her parents reported this to their commanders in the IDF, who hurried to report it to the Chief of the General Staff, and from there the information was passed on to the Prime Minister's military secretary. Lapid learned the details of the incident during a cabinet meeting convened to approve a gas deal with Lebanon. At the same time, Defense Minister Benny Gantz was visiting Turkey.

The Mossad immediately created a special task force to find a way to get the girl out of there as soon as possible. The Mossad officials rushed to contact her and asked him to behave as usual, not to arouse suspicion – and certainly not to speak Hebrew. An IDF spokeswoman said: “It has been authorized to release information that a civilian aircraft (of a foreign airline) made an unscheduled landing in Iran last Thursday due to a medical incident by one of the pilots, which led to a change in the planned flight path. One of the passengers on this flight was an IDF soldier returning from a trip to visit relatives. The aircraft and passengers remained on the ground at the airport for several hours. A few hours later, the plane took off and continued flying to its destination without any problems.

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