IDF: seven terrorists detained

IDF: seven terrorists detained

According to the channel KAN, as a result of the IDF's night operation in the village of Silat al-Haritiya, seven Palestinian terrorists were detained. Five of them are members of a terrorist cell that attacked Jews in the Homesh area, and two are their accomplices.

Two firearms used in the attack and the terrorists' car were also confiscated.
< br /> The IDF statement reads: & ldquo; The arrests were made without a fight and without a single shot being fired. The operation showed the terrorists that we will quickly find anyone who is engaged in terrorist activities against Israeli citizens & rdquo ;.

The arrests were carried out by YAMAM fighters in three different quarters of Silan al-Haritiya, north-west of Jenin.

The names of the detainees are announced in the Palestinian press: the Omar brothers and Ritch Jaradat were detained at their home, after which Taher Abu Salah, Sheikh Mohammed Jaradat Ibrahim Musa Tahaina, Mahmud Jaradat were detained. The last three were serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

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