IDF predicts ceasefire in Gaza for several years

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 IDF predicts ceasefire in Gaza for several years< /p>

The Israel Defense Forces believe that calm in Gaza could last for years, the Kan TV and radio campaign reported Friday.

The assessment is based on a combination of several factors First of all, the report says, is Operation Wall Guardian, which has created a deterrent against Hamas, as well as the concessions Israel is making over Gaza. So Hamas has something to lose if it decides to violate the ceasefire.

Another reason for the expected calm is the containment of Islamic Jihad achieved during the latest Operation Dawn. According to the IDF, “Islamic Jihad” will no longer engage in conflicts against Israel without prior support from Hamas, according to Kan 11 News.

IDF Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi visited the Tel Nofi air base earlier this week to meet with units involved in the operation “Dawn”.

“We have many more plans, we have many operations of this type, both in Gaza and in other arenas, and I tell you and I tell everyone who us listen, we will not allow any terrorist, neither in the north, nor in the center, nor in the south, to harm either the citizens of the State of Israel, or the sovereignty of the State of Israel, & ndash; Kochavi said.

“We say in the simplest way to any terrorist organization, wherever it may be: know that we will hit you for any offensive action or any threat,” — concluded the IDF Chief of Staff.

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