IDF Paramedic Saves Palestinian Terrorist's Life

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 IDF paramedic saved Palestinian terrorist's life

ynet reports that for the first time in history, an IDF paramedic performed a blood transfusion on the battlefield and saved the life of a Palestinian terrorist.
< br /> The incident occurred during a battle in early April in the Ramallah area. Paramedic Sergeant Alice Krant was admitted to a terrorist who had been badly wounded in action.

Krant consulted with the divisional doctor, who recommended a blood transfusion.

IDF ambulances in Judea and Samaria about two months ago were equipped with complete blood transfusion kits.

Sergeant Krant said: There was no doubt. “We did what we were taught to do. We provide medical care to the IDF soldiers first, and then to Palestinian civilians and everyone else.

This is the first blood transfusion operation in the field, carried out not by a doctor, but by a paramedic.

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